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Borer tree marking Emerald Ash Borer Borer tree marking

Pest Control against Emerald Ash Borers

The emerald ash borer is an invasive beetle from China that attacks and quickly kills ash trees.

Call on Top Notch Tree Care to protect your ash trees and property from this pest.

  • Epicormic branching (Dying tree sends baby shoots out of tree trunk)

  • D-shaped exit holes

  • Heavy woodpecker activity

  • Blonding (Bark turns from grey to white)

  • Canopy die-back

  • Missing leaves

Clear indicators of infestation

We measure the diameter of the tree at breast height (DBH), to determine how much pesticide is needed. ($10 per diameter inch)


Your best option is to call and ask for a FREE estimate to determine which trees are worth preserving and which ones should come down.

Thorough no-cost estimates

Our entire staff is trained in the use of Arborjet trunk injection, to ensure that only the pest is harmed.

Your safety is our number one priority.